Elderberry Mean in Astrology

Elderberry Mean in Astrology: Mystical Insights

Elderberry has a rich and mystical significance in astrology. From its symbolism to its connection with the zodiac, elderberry carries a deep spiritual meaning that astrologers and enthusiasts explore. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of elderberry in astrology, including its symbolism, zodiac sign associations, planetary influences, and celestial significance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Elderberry holds a deep spiritual meaning in astrology, with symbolism and associations with zodiac signs.
  • It has been used for centuries in magical practices and is believed to aid in astral travel and divination.
  • Elderberry has physical healing properties, boosting the immune system and promoting overall well-being.
  • It is associated with specific chakras, promoting balance and communication.
  • The dark violet color of elderberries adds an element of mystery and magic to its energy and symbolism.

Introduction to Elderberry

Elderberry, also known as Sambucus, is a flowering plant that holds great significance in various cultures and traditions. It has a long history of use in herbal medicine and magical practices. In astrology, elderberry is believed to possess unique energies and qualities that make it a fascinating subject of study.

Introduction to Elderberry

Key Characteristics of Elderberry’s Color Energy:

  • Luck: Elderberry’s dark violet color is associated with good luck, bringing positive energy and favor into our lives.
  • Mystery and Magic: The alluring hue of elderberries sparks our sense of wonder and invites us to embrace the mystical aspects of life.
  • Intuition and Insight: Elderberry’s color energy heightens our intuitive abilities, enabling us to tap into our inner wisdom and make informed decisions.
  • Imagination: The rich violet hue of elderberries stimulates our imagination, inspiring us to think creatively and explore new possibilities.
  • Perception: Elderberry’s color energy enhances our perception, allowing us to see beyond the surface and gain deeper insights into ourselves and the world around us.

Elderberry’s color energy adds an extra layer of significance to its astrological symbolism. It infuses our astrological practices with a sense of enchantment, guiding us towards spiritual growth and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the universe.

Angels Associated with Elderberry

In angelic traditions, certain angels are associated with different plants and herbs. Elderberry is connected with the angel Eiael, who is known as the Protector and Ruler of specific dates in February. Additionally, the angel Af is associated with elderberry and helps individuals deal with anger. By invoking these angels and working with elderberry, people can seek their guidance and support in various aspects of their lives.

Working with the angelic energies of Eiael and Af while incorporating elderberry into your spiritual practice can bring about a sense of protection and emotional balance. These angels can assist you in navigating challenges and finding inner peace. Whether you are seeking guidance in relationships, personal growth, or healing, calling upon these angels in conjunction with elderberry can amplify your intentions and manifestation abilities.

Angel Eiael

Angel Eiael is associated with specific dates in February and is known as the Protector and Ruler of those days. By connecting with Eiael and working with elderberry, you can seek protection and guidance during this special time. Eiael’s presence can help you overcome obstacles, find inner strength, and achieve spiritual growth.

Angel Af

The angel Af is deeply connected with elderberry and aids individuals in dealing with anger and emotional turbulence. When you invoke the energy of Af and incorporate elderberry, you can find support in managing your emotions, fostering forgiveness, and cultivating emotional balance. Af’s gentle guidance can help you step into a state of calm and promote harmony within yourself and your relationships.

Angel Date Association Attribute
Eiael Specific dates in February Protector and Ruler
Af N/A Aid in dealing with anger and emotional turbulence

By developing a deeper connection with the angels associated with elderberry, you can tap into their divine wisdom, guidance, and healing energies. Incorporating elderberry into your spiritual practice can enhance your ability to connect with these celestial beings and harness their support in various areas of your life.

Angels Associated with Elderberry

Elderberry and the Goddess

When exploring the mystical world of elderberry in astrology, we discover a deep connection with the divine feminine. Particularly, elderberry holds a special place in the realm of the Goddess Freya and the Queen of the Faeries. In English and Scandinavian folklore, there is a belief that the elder tree is the dwelling place of Hyldemoer, known as the Elder Mother.

The association between elderberry and the goddesses adds an element of sacredness and mystique to its astrological significance. It intertwines the energies of femininity, intuition, and magic, making elderberry a captivating subject of study for astrologers and enthusiasts alike.

“Elderberry, the sacred home of the Elder Mother, symbolizes the wisdom and nurturing qualities of the Goddess. It serves as a reminder of the deep connection between nature, the divine, and the feminine energy within us.”

Through elderberry’s connection to the Goddess, we are reminded of the profound wisdom and nurturing qualities embodied by the divine feminine. It symbolizes the harmony between nature and spirituality, inspiring us to align with our own inner goddess and embrace the power of intuition, compassion, and healing.

Elderberry and the Goddess

Embracing the Divine Feminine

Working with elderberry can help us tap into the energy of the Goddess and embody the divine feminine within us. Whether it’s through rituals, meditation, or simply incorporating elderberry into our daily lives, we can cultivate a deeper connection with our intuition, creativity, and spiritual essence.

The Queen of the Faeries

One of the most enchanting aspects of elderberry’s connection with the goddess is its affiliation with the Queen of the Faeries. The faeries have long been associated with nature, magic, and transformation. By invoking the energy of the Queen of the Faeries through elderberry, we invite a sense of wonder, playfulness, and enchantment into our lives.

Celestial Significance

In astrology, elderberry’s association with the goddesses further enhances its celestial significance. It deepens our understanding of the mystical energies represented by elderberry and how they influence our astrological charts. By exploring the goddess’s connection to elderberry, we can gain valuable insights into ourselves and our spiritual journeys.

As we delve deeper into the world of elderberry in astrology, we uncover its multifaceted symbolism and its resonance with the divine feminine. The profound connection between elderberry and the goddesses invites us to embrace our own inner goddess, tap into our intuitive powers, and honor the sacredness of nature and the feminine energy within us.

Elderberry Birth Herbs

Have you ever wondered why certain individuals have a strong affinity for elderberry? It turns out that those born on specific dates, such as January 6, June 29, and July 17, share a unique connection with this mystical herb. Elderberry is considered one of their birth herbs, and its magical and astrological properties tend to resonate deeply with these individuals.

Individuals born on these dates may find that elderberry holds significant meaning in their lives, symbolizing their innate qualities, characteristics, and life paths. Its energy intertwines with their own, guiding them on a profound and transformative journey of self-discovery.

“Elderberry’s connection to my birth date has always fascinated me. The more I explore its mystical properties, the more I uncover about myself and my place in the universe.” – Sarah Thompson

Embracing elderberry as a birth herb allows these individuals to tap into the herb’s powerful energies, channeling its wisdom and guidance to navigate life’s challenges and embrace their true potential. It serves as a reminder of the cosmic forces that brought them into existence and fuels their connection to the spiritual realm.

Whether it’s using elderberry in rituals, creating personalized talismans, or incorporating it into daily practices, these individuals harness the energy of elderberry with intention and reverence. Doing so helps them align with the celestial influences that shape their lives, enabling them to walk their unique path with greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment.

Discovering the Power Within

If you were born on one of these special dates, take a moment to reflect on the role elderberry plays in your life. What aspects of elderberry’s symbolism resound with your essence? How can you further incorporate its energy into your spiritual practices? Exploring and nurturing your connection with elderberry as a birth herb can unveil hidden depths within yourself, enriching your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

Date Elderberry Birth Herb
January 6 Elderberry
June 29 Elderberry
July 17 Elderberry


Unleash the magic of elderberry as your birth herb and allow it to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Embrace its celestial significance and tap into its mystical energies as you navigate the intricate dance of life.

Elderberry Astrological Sign

When it comes to astrology, elderberry is closely associated with the sign of Pisces. The energies and qualities attributed to elderberry align harmoniously with the characteristics typically associated with individuals born under the sign of Pisces. As a Pisces, you may find that exploring the astrological significance of elderberry can provide valuable insights into your personality, strengths, and potential paths in life.

Pisces individuals are known for their intuitive nature, compassionate hearts, and deep spiritual connection. They possess a natural affinity for the mystical and have an innate ability to tap into the spiritual realm. Elderberry, with its deep symbolism and mystical energies, resonates strongly with the sensitive and imaginative nature of Pisces.

The gentle and calming vibrations of elderberry mirror the peaceful and dreamy demeanor of Pisces individuals. Just as elderberry is associated with protection and healing, Pisces individuals are often drawn to healing arts and have a natural inclination to support and nurture others.

By understanding the astrological significance of elderberry, Pisces individuals can gain deeper insights into their inherent gifts and use them to navigate through life with greater clarity and purpose. Embracing the mystical energies of elderberry can help Pisces individuals harness their spiritual potentials and find fulfillment in their personal and professional pursuits.

Pisces Traits Associated with Elderberry Astrological Sign

  • Intuitive
  • Compassionate
  • Dreamy
  • Sensitive
  • Imaginative
  • Healing-oriented

Just as the gentle elderberry supports and nurtures the spirit, Pisces individuals have a natural inclination to bring comfort and healing to those around them. They possess a deep empathy and have an innate ability to understand the emotional needs of others.

Overall, the association between elderberry and the astrological sign of Pisces offers a beautiful synergy of energies and qualities. It serves as a reminder for Pisces individuals to embrace their mystical nature, trust their intuition, and share their compassionate healing energies with the world.

Elderberry Astrological Sign

Pisces Traits Elderberry Qualities
Intuitive Enhances spiritual intuition
Compassionate Reflects the nurturing and healing qualities
Dreamy Mirrors the dreamy and mystical nature
Sensitive Aligns with the sensitive and empathetic nature
Imaginative Amplifies imaginative and creative energies
Healing-oriented Resonates with healing and protective properties

Uses of Elderberry in Talismans and Amulets

Elderberry has long been revered for its protective and luck-bringing properties, making it a popular choice for creating talismans and amulets. These sacred objects are crafted with the intention of enhancing spiritual and energetic defenses, while also harnessing the unique energies of elderberry for personal empowerment and spiritual growth.

There are various ways to incorporate elderberry into talismans and amulets. It can be transformed into jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, or rings, allowing individuals to carry its energy with them throughout the day. The elderberry charm can serve as a constant reminder of its mystical properties and serve as a source of strength and protection.

Another creative way to utilize elderberry in talismans and amulets is by infusing it into pouches or sachets. These small fabric bags can be filled with elderberry leaves or dried berries and carried in pockets, purses, or placed in sacred spaces. The pouches act as a vessel for the energy of elderberry, safeguarding the wearer from negative energies and bringing good fortune.

Moreover, elderberry can be combined with other natural materials, such as crystals, gemstones, or feathers, to amplify its energy and create a powerful talisman. By carefully selecting complementary elements and crafting an intentional arrangement, individuals can enhance the protective and luck-bringing qualities of elderberry, tailoring their talisman to specific intentions or desires.

When designing talismans and amulets with elderberry, it is essential to approach the process with intention and reverence. Take the time to connect with the energy of elderberry, meditate on its symbolism and purpose, and infuse your creation with your own personal intentions. This sacred practice allows the talisman or amulet to become a potent tool for spiritual growth, protection, and manifestation.

Uses of Elderberry in Talismans and Amulets

Elderberry Talismans and Amulets Purpose
Elderberry Necklace To carry the protective and luck-bringing energy of elderberry close to the heart.
Elderberry Sachet To safeguard against negative energies and attract good fortune.
Elderberry Feather Talisman To enhance intuition and connect with the spiritual realm.
Elderberry Crystal Amulet To combine the properties of elderberry with the specific qualities of a chosen crystal for targeted intentions.

Using Elderberry in Divination

Elderberry has a rich history in divination practices. Its mystical energy and symbolism make it a powerful tool for gaining guidance and insights into the future. Whether you’re an experienced tarot reader, a skilled pendulum dowser, or a rune casting enthusiast, incorporating elderberry into your divination rituals can enhance the accuracy and depth of your readings.

When using elderberry in divination, one of the most common methods is to incorporate it into your tarot readings. You can place elderberry leaves near your tarot deck or burn dried elderberries as incense to create a sacred and focused space for your readings. The presence of elderberry can enhance your intuition and spiritual connection, enabling you to tap into deeper levels of wisdom and understanding.

For pendulum dowsing, elderberry can be used to cleanse and charge your pendulum. Simply place your pendulum on a bed of fresh elderberry leaves or sprinkle dried elderberries over it. Allow the pendulum to absorb the energy of the elderberry, cleansing it of any unwanted energies and infusing it with potent spiritual vibrations.

Rune casting enthusiasts can also benefit from using elderberry in their divination practice. Elderberry can be incorporated into rune bags or rune spreads to enhance the connection with the runic energies. Its presence can help attune the practitioner to the deeper meanings and messages of the runes, bringing forth greater clarity and insight.


“Incorporating elderberry into my tarot readings has deepened my connection with the cards and allowed me to gain profound insights into the querent’s life.” – Amanda, Tarot Reader

“Using elderberry in my pendulum dowsing sessions has amplified the accuracy of my readings and brought a sense of clarity and focus to my divination practice.” – Sarah, Pendulum Dowser

“By incorporating elderberry into my rune casting rituals, I have experienced a heightened connection with the ancestral wisdom contained within the runes, allowing me to offer more meaningful guidance to others.” – Michael, Rune Casting Enthusiast

Divination Method How to Use Elderberry
Tarot Readings Place elderberry leaves near the tarot deck or burn dried elderberries as incense during the readings.
Pendulum Dowsing Cleanse and charge the pendulum by placing it on elderberry leaves or sprinkling dried elderberries over it.
Rune Casting Incorporate elderberry into rune bags or rune spreads to enhance the connection with the runic energies.

Discover the transformative power of elderberry in divination and unlock the hidden wisdom that awaits you.

Using Elderberry in Divination

Meditation with Elderberry

Elderberry is a powerful aid for meditation. Its calming and grounding qualities make it ideal for quieting the mind, deepening focus, and entering a state of spiritual connection. Meditating with elderberry allows me to access higher states of consciousness, explore other realms, and gain insights and wisdom from the spiritual dimensions.

Benefits of Meditation with Elderberry How to Meditate with Elderberry
  • Enhances relaxation and peace of mind
  • Promotes stress reduction and emotional balance
  • Amplifies spiritual awareness and intuition
  • Facilitates connection with higher realms and guides
  1. Find a quiet and comfortable space to meditate.
  2. Place a few dried elderberries or a vial of elderberry essential oil nearby.
  3. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and focus on the present moment.
  4. Visualize yourself surrounded by a calming violet light.
  5. Invoke the energy and essence of elderberry by repeating affirmations or mantras.
  6. Allow your mind to quiet and embrace the peaceful stillness.
  7. Open yourself to any messages, insights, or guidance that may arise.
  8. When you are ready, gently bring your awareness back to the present and express gratitude.

Meditating with elderberry not only deepens my spiritual practice but also aligns me with the tranquil and introspective energies of this mystical herb. It serves as a portal to expanded consciousness and aids in the exploration of my inner world and the vastness of the universe.

Meditation with Elderberry

Lore and Legends of Elderberry

Elderberry has a rich lore and legends associated with it. Its historical use as a medicinal herb, its connection to mythical beings and goddesses, and its deep-rooted symbolism have made it an intriguing subject in folklore and mythology. Exploring the lore and legends surrounding elderberry adds depth and enchantment to its astrological significance.

“In ancient Greek mythology, elderberry was believed to hold magical powers and was associated with the goddesses Persephone and Hecate. It was said to protect against evil spirits and bring blessings to those who possessed it.”

In Norse mythology, elderberry was associated with the goddess Freya, who was known for her connection to love, fertility, and magic. Elderberry was believed to hold protective properties and was often used in rituals and charms for love and good fortune.

In British folklore, the elder tree was believed to be enchanted and inhabited by fairies. It was said that cutting down an elder tree without permission from the fairies would bring bad luck and misfortune. The elderberry fruit was also associated with the Queen of the Faeries and was considered a sacred offering.

Symbolism in Elderberry Folklore

The folklore surrounding elderberry often attributes it with symbolism tied to protection, healing, and warding off negative energies. Elderberry was believed to ward off evil spirits, offer protection against illness, and bring good luck and prosperity to those who carried it. Its dark purple color was associated with mystery and magic, further enhancing its symbolism in folklore.

Legends of Elderberry in Healing

According to legends, elderberry was revered for its healing properties. It was believed to have the power to cure ailments and protect against diseases. In ancient times, elderberry was often used in potions and remedies to treat various conditions, ranging from colds and fevers to digestive disorders and skin ailments.

Elderberry in Mythical Rituals

Elderberry held a significant role in ancient mythical rituals. Its leaves, flowers, and berries were often used in ceremonies to honor deities and spirits. It was believed that elderberry helped facilitate communication with the spirit world and connect with divine energies.

Elderberry in Modern Culture

Today, elderberry continues to be revered for its folklore and mythical associations. Its healing properties and symbolic significance make it a popular ingredient in herbal remedies, spiritual practices, and traditional celebrations. The lore and legends of elderberry have transcended time, making it a cherished plant with a rich cultural legacy.

Legends Symbolism Healing Properties Mythical Rituals
Protection against evil spirits and misfortune Mystery, magic, and warding off negative energies Treatment of various ailments and diseases Facilitating communication with the spirit world
Association with goddesses and fairies Good luck, prosperity, and divine blessings Immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties Honoring deities and connecting with divine energies
Enchanted qualities and sacred offerings Protection, healing, and spiritual connection Antioxidant and antimicrobial effects Ancient mythical ceremonies and rituals

Lore and Legends of Elderberry


Elderberry, with its mystical energies and profound symbolism, holds a special place in astrology. It encompasses a wide range of magical uses and healing properties, making it a fascinating subject of study. The association of elderberry with angels, goddesses, and astrological signs adds an extra layer of significance, connecting it to the celestial realm.

Whether utilized in rituals, talismans, divination, or meditation, elderberry serves as a gateway to the spiritual realm, allowing individuals to explore and understand themselves on a deeper level. Its enchanting qualities and celestial significance offer a profound connection between the physical and spiritual dimensions, inviting us to embrace the mystical insights it offers.

By embracing elderberry in astrology, individuals can tap into its transformative energies and unlock their true potential. So, immerse yourself in the enchanting world of elderberry and embark on a captivating journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.


What is the significance of elderberry in astrology?

Elderberry has a rich and mystical significance in astrology, with its symbolism, zodiac sign associations, planetary influences, and celestial significance.

How is elderberry used in magical practices?

Elderberry is believed to aid in astral travel, divination, and spiritual healing, and is often used in rituals, candle ceremonies, and bath salts to harness its magical energies.

What are the healing properties of elderberry?

Elderberry has immunostimulant effects, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, and potential benefits for sinus issues, digestive health, blood sugar levels, and skin health.

How does elderberry promote chakra healing?

Elderberry is associated with the Throat and Root Chakras, promoting balance and harmony in these energy centers and enhancing communication skills and grounding.

What is the color energy of elderberry?

Elderberries’ dark violet color inspires awe, mystery, and magic, enhancing intuition, imagination, and perception.

Which angels are associated with elderberry?

Elderberry is connected with the angels Eiael and Af, who offer guidance and support for specific dates in February and help individuals deal with anger, respectively.

What is the connection between elderberry and the Goddess?

Elderberry is associated with the goddess Freya and the Queen of the Faeries, adding an element of sacredness and mystique to its astrological significance.

Who are the elderberry birth herbs?

Those born on specific dates, including January 6, June 29, and July 17, have a special attraction to elderberry as it is considered one of their birth herbs.

Which astrological sign is elderberry associated with?

Elderberry is associated with the astrological sign of Pisces, aligning its energies and qualities with the characteristics of Pisces individuals.

How is elderberry used in talismans and amulets?

Elderberry’s protective and luck-bringing properties make it a popular choice for creating talismans and amulets that enhance spiritual and energetic defenses.

How can elderberry be used in divination?

Elderberry’s energy and symbolism make it a potent tool in divination practices such as tarot readings, pendulum dowsing, and rune casting, offering deeper clarity and guidance.

How does elderberry enhance meditation?

Elderberry’s calming and grounding qualities make it ideal for meditation, allowing individuals to quiet the mind, deepen focus, and connect with higher states of consciousness.

What are the lore and legends associated with elderberry?

Elderberry has a rich history in folklore and mythology, connected to its use as a medicinal herb, dwelling place for mythical beings and goddesses, and deep-rooted symbolism.

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